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Global Portal for multiple UIM instances

Question asked by Christian.Bauer on Sep 3, 2015

Hi all,


we are having multiple UIM/UMP instances around the globe, there are several reasons for that like latency, maintenance windows, different monitoring requirements etc.

The disadvantage of the scenario is that we have to use multiple UMP Portals for getting all data, because alarms and QoS data will be for each instance in a separate database stored.


Now I was wondering if anyone of you have the same situation and found a way to provide a global portal like the UMP, but it should present all data no matter on which UIM instance it is running.

This would give us the possibility to have a central portal that anyone can use to find global related data like all alarms from servers.


Some time ago I heard some rumors that CA want to provide a portal that will show data from several CA products like UIM and APM.

Maybe somebody from CA could give some information about this.