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Hi, OTK and MAG installation scenario for a clustered gateway

Question asked by on Sep 3, 2015
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We have a clustered environment of API Gtaeway v8.3 with MySQL DB in local host (2 gateway appliance in cluster with a primary and secondary DB node) for our Prod and Pre-Prod environment and we have a standalone gateway wth MySQL DB for our non prod environment.


I need to install the OTK 3.0 and MAG 2.3 in our gateways. We don't have seperate "internal-DMZ" configuration in our gateways. All our gateways are in DMZ. Hence we need only 1 MAG per environment/cluster.


For the standalone gateway I have installed the OTK 3.0 and created a otk_db in the inbuilt MySQL DB in local host. I have installed the MAG 2.3 as well. When I have to proceed with OTK and MAG installation in our Clustered environment, I have a doubt on how to do the installation.


1) Once I install the OTK 3.0 in a cluster and create a otk_db, will this otk_db be created in my secondary database node as well?

2) Can I give the "MySQL Database Server Host" as "localhost"?

3) Do I need to install the PRM file of the MAG installer in both the nodes in my cluster or should I install it only in my primary node?

4) Do I need to run the DB scripts for MAG schema in both primary and secondary MySQL database nodes or just in primary database node?

5) Any other advise on how to install a single MAG in a clustered environment (2 gateways) will be much appreciated (Other than the standard procedures to install it in a standalone gateway).


Thank You!