CSI Reports Release #(the last release + 1)

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on Sep 4, 2015

I have created a new version of my CSI Reports process


what has changed??


if you do not have or do not use the IBM HTTP Server for z/OS MVSDS function , then NOTHING


if you do use the function - the following has changed:


a new file is created: yourhlq.CSIRPTS.HTML - this output is, as you might guess, formatted for HTML - more friendly? looking -

also - when you click on the (64-character) description of any fix, the full PTF  info (from SMPPT) will be displayed - this assumes one of two things:

1) you do not ACCEPT post-base fixes

2) you have your CSI options set not to purge SMPPTS data when ACCEPTing fixes




any questions?? please ask - I have attached the entire process (JCL/PROC/SOURCE) to this post - you may have to select "see entire conversation" to find the attachment


Chris Hoelscher