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Installation of Introscope .Net Agent on Windows server

Question asked by Arwintrambulo on Sep 7, 2015
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Can you help me with this problem?


I'm currently installing the Introscope .Net Agent on a Windows server. When this one popped-up

environment variable is already set.png

I just clicked "Replace & Continue" since there is no installed introscope as seen on services & programs.


But during this part (see screenshot below), when I was asked to enter the username and password. I'm encountering this error
server not found.png


Can you help me out on this one?


Please note that telnet can be performed on the server where I'm installing the agent going to the server where the Enterprise Manager is located. I've also tried changing the domain using the name of the server but it only says "invalid user name for this server or domain"


Thanks in advance