CA PPM Tech Tip: Projects open blank in the new MSP driver even though I have changed the default install directory

Discussion created by Kristin_Schroer Employee on Sep 9, 2015
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With the new mapping changes made available in 14.x new MSP driver, there is one issue that can appear if you have any extra spaces in a MSP Field Name or have capitalization in the MSP Field Name outside the first letter. The good news is that this can be fixed easily in the Clarity UI. Below are the details on how to detect this issue and fix it. 


Symptoms: When opening projects from PPM in the new Microsoft Project (MSP) driver, if all projects open up blank, though the Project ID appears as the file name, check the mspxml_general log to see if you are running into the MSP Mapping issue. You can find the mspxml_general.log on the user's workstation in the CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface\bin\logs folder. If you are running into this issue, the error in the mspxml_general.log will include: Assertion fails in ..\caMsputil\MSPAttributeEnum.cpp.


Resolution: To correct this, in PPM, go to Administration -> MSP Field Mappings (under Project Management) and check for any incorrect MSP Field Names in the Clarity PPM MSP Field Names section including:

1) Any leading or ending spaces in any MSP Field Name (Example ' Text1' versus 'Text1').

One way to check for this is by sorting by MSP Field Name in Clarity PPM. Any MSP Field Names that do not sort correctly would indicate there is a space incorrectly being used.

2) Any capitalization incorrectly used in the mapping name. MSP Field Names should only have the first letter of each word capitalized. (Example TEXT1 should be Text1)

This issue should only occur if you created MSP Mapping prior to 14.1 in the Database. Clarity PPM will not allow you to create MSP Field Names incorrectly in the UI, you will get an error when saving your MSP Field in Clarity PPM: "The MSP Field name is not among the allowed names: Cost1-10, Date1-10, Duration1-10, Finish1-10, Flag1-20, Number1-20, Start1-10, Text1-30."

Here is a link to the knowledge base document on this topic:


For information on the MSP Driver change that may require you to install the MSP Interface in a different directory, see: