CAI features shipped in 8.0 to 8.4 at a glance.

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I thought it would be fun to show the 94 features that the CAI team has shipped in DevTest 8 up to the current DevTest 8.4 release.


Deep validationDevTest 8.4
Update for agent setting
Change label

Button and label for generating test

Detect and use parameterDevTest 8.3
Java protocol cannot be set
De-identify data
Add Jetty and webMethods support
VSE table column style change
Deep validation selection update to parameter control
Navigation after creating artifacts
Use VRS file


Advanced shelving functionDevTest 8.2
Add Server Console to Portal
Import/export function enhancement for DocGen
Create baseline with test templates
Install assistance
Producer and consumer UI for common API
Intercept third-party Java class
Advanced usage overlay UI
Generate DDL file
Import/export docgen recording with new REST API to export multiple recordings
Missing items in REST stateful baselines

Install assistant support

Invoke and verify deep validationDevTest 8.1
WildFly 8.2
Baseline enhancement
Enhancement parameter creation for Web Service transaction with XML type request.
Support for MQ Mirror from agent setting
Save artifact prefix to user preference
DocGen show difference to all change only view
Create baseline with test templates
Export the transaction data as a large data set for the test
POJO Support
Add labeling to links between nodes
Add platform support to agent install assistant

Disable queue name

Command-line tool updateDevTest 8.0.2
Allow user to set transaction list filter by starting and ending bookends
Allow user to change frame order in the shelf
Class filter enhancement
Assertion type enhancement
Plug in requires notice on create pdf buttons
Add wildcard in URL capture
DocGen create baseline on recording
Automatic VS and baseline generation based on agent boundaries
Dataset IDs generation for consolidated baseline
Restyle Shelf Dialog
Create RR pair functionality
Command-line tool update
Export Transaction - Add export all

Native MQ properties

Frame detailsDevTest 8.0.1
Baseline Creation Enhancement
Add background or badge for the agent stitching view
On graphical view, show what the frames are eligible for VS or baseline
Expand row icon and position modified for create VS and baseline
Compare recording and diff view
Share Point of Interest
Create POI for frames on the shelf
View incoming and outgoing request for a link between frames
Merging of Find Defects into Analyze Transactions
SAP NetWeaver support

Create artifacts enhancement

CAI DDL files are outdatedDevTest 8.0
Agent light for MQ Series
Agent light for HTTP
Agent light for JMS
VS Traffic to CAI Companion
CAI power user export for offline and print of folded paths
Shelve search results and refines for latter use
Search for paths by metadata
Support baseline generation for signed SOAP messages
Create baseline with attachments
Case mgmt QC function is broken on 8.0
Agent-based recorder for JDBC
Interface to filter out noise transactions
Adding merged path to shelf
Ticket management
Consolidate shelves and individual frames into 1 virtual service
Move workstation agent configuration into CAI UI
DocGen for manual testers
Annotate exceptions
Pinning of annotated transactions
DocGen PDF Report
Export/import of CAI transactions
Transaction details popup enhancements
Help prototype
Agent automatic upgrade
Delete agent
Reset Filter
Generate Artifacts in Explore Defects: Only support Baseline and Virtual Services, not support Baseline (Stateful) any more
Add all occurred transactions to the shelf