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How to have layer 7 endpoints like this? Is this Possible?

Question asked by Sathish2306 on Sep 11, 2015
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I am going with restful web service implementation using layer7 api gateway.

Because of that i am having urls like the below,


Actual Route                                              Layer 7 Route

/account/{accountId}                                     /account/*

/account/{id}/{name}                                     /account/*

/account/{id}/details/{name}                          /account/*/details/*          


As you can see that, Layer 7 Routes Will through ambiguity error, because all the url-params are defined as (*).


1. How can i overcome this?

2. Is this possible?


& if i have url like this,




i can retrieve the value like http.request.parameter.a & http.request.parameter.b,


Like the above how can retrieve the url-param value 123123 ?


3. is there some kind of http.request.parameter.accountId ?


I am Currently using Regular expression to get the values, but they are dirty.