We need NAS Auto Operators!

Discussion created by Jim.Perkins Employee on Sep 11, 2015
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Hello everyone.  As part of our development effort in advancing alarm and event management in UIM, we need to survey the use of Nimsoft Alarm Server (NAS) auto operators.  This will help us determine how they are used, and the types of situations where they are used.


To do this, I am looking for users of UIM and NAS Auto Operators who are willing to share their NAS configuration files with the event management development team to be used as part of this effort.  If you are somebody who is a heavy user of the NAS and auto operators, and you want to help us make sure the future of alarm and event management in EMS is consistent in capability with what you are doing today, then you are somebody who wants to help us with this effort.


If you are interested, please rely to this post, and I will invite you to join a private group related to the subject.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Jim Perkins

Product Owner

UIM Event Management

UIM Element Management