Preventing multiple invocations of ESP under ISPF

Discussion created by Lizette on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Lizette

I have some ISPF Users who access ESP.  Sometimes they will be in ESP and then enter TSO ESPCLST to access ESP again in the same session.


I was wondering if any has a similar issue and how you might have ensured that the users under ISPF can only enter ESP once in their session.


If they logon to multiples LPARS in a plex, is okay.  But if they are on LPAR1 and use ESP multiple times on LPAR1 I need to prevent that from occurring.


Currently ESP does not stop you from entering the ISPF application more than one.


I was thinking of creating a Table entry at first invocation and then deleting (or decremented  a counter) upon leaving it.  Or allocating a dummy dataset for their tso id with DISP OLD.