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How to support 2 language for pwd services

Question asked by Pack on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Hubert Dennis

Hello there,


I have an application that allow user to select English or French in the login page (there is no settings done in browser language) and upon user selecting their desired language, the application sets the Cookie with value as 'fr-CA', otherwise it is English. Now my question is, when user selects French as their language and if the user pwd is going to expire in 10 days, he gets a warning mesg ' Your password will expire in less than 10 days'.

I see SM agent reads this from '', but how do i force the SM to read from ''.


if i see the .fcc file, i see the following lines for reason code 18.. can anyone tell me how to achieve my above reqmt... Thanks!


if ($$smauthreason$$ == 18)