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HTML Portlets:  Have you been able to reference fields?

Question asked by LinaLawrence81980326 on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by JohnMurphy

I'd like to create a project level dashboard (v14.2).  Each of the key stages is a separate date field on the project object.      Ideally for status, we'd like to allow inline editing to update the status.


'm trying to get some formatting in my tables so that my data appears horizontally rather than vertically. I thought that if I use an HTML portlet, instead of a grid portlet, I might be able to achieve this.


Key Stages



Due Diligence

Sept 2015


Lease Pre-commit

Sept 2015


Implementation / EOI

Oct 2015


Sales Date

Q2, 2015



Mid 2018

On track



The html portlet looks like this:

If I do take this approach, can anyone tell me if I am able to display field information from within CA PPM onto the portlet dashboard?   I haven't been able to find any guides to advise either way.