Tech Tips - DataFinder:  Golden Copy - how can you create and keep a Golden Copy?

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Sep 15, 2015

Golden Copy data is the Gold Standard of a reliable, reproducible, set of data.  Inside of DataFinder, we attempt to provide a method of locking down a Version 1 or Golden Copy so that nobody but the Administrator can  unlock it.


The method is very simple, go to your data pool and edit your data pool.  Note just to the left of "Type:" there is a small Golden Lock.  By Clicking on this as an Administrator, you make it so someone who does not have Administrator privileges cannot change it.

However, we all know this is a database.  We all know there are several SQL commands that can be used to "circumvent" any cell in any table.  With this in mind, this afore mentioned method assumes that all people using this Product Set with the underlying database and table schema will follow the rules of engagement to provide a stable environment.