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Slipping & Sliding Ideas

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by am1

For Portfolio "What If" analysis, an Investment Opportunity, as represented by an Idea, has a start date, a finish date, a duration, resource demand (resource or roles allocated over time) and cost demand (high level costs or detailed cost plan, again, variable over time).


In Portfolio Scenarios, one can easily 'push out' and 'slip & slide' Investments. When doing this, the investments keep their duration and their resource & cost demand over time load - start date is simply what is changing - everything shifts from there.


Now it's time for our Demand Manager to make this new planned start date real on the Idea. How are others doing this and or what is the designed way to do this in the tool? Ideally I'd like to just push back or pull forward start date and have everything 'slip & slide' with this, just as in a scenario. In the application I cannot find an easy way to do this. Pushing dates around requires additional Team & Cost plan maintenance. Am I missing the easy button?