Tech Tips - DataFinder: Easy Check when Generating Data via Seed Lists or Functions

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Sep 16, 2015

A very easy mistake in typing or copying can be very difficult to track down.  One example is the <CR LF> when you are generating a seedlist or formula.  The Best Practice is to validate your data to ensure you are getting valid values.  If you notice in your validation pane one or more pairs of <CR><LF>, this indicates that you have blank lines appended to your construct.  Please delete these extra lines or they will corrupt your data.  Please note in the construct that these are hidden and are only  visible when you validate.



When I am creating synthetic data to populate my column of Hotels from a seedlist, I have the following construct:


@randlov(0,@seedlist(Companies)@)@ Hotel



when I Check the Validate box, I get

Marathon Oil Hotel<CR><LF><CR><LF>


There are 2 blank lines that would corrupt the synthetic data generation.