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How to create availability report in %

Question asked by nicolasroyo on Sep 17, 2015
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I`m trying to create an availability report in % of our robots / servers to be monitorized.


As I`m looking for options, I thought of installing the net_connect probe on the central hub, and create profiles for pinging every robot installed.

But I realized that, in order to create a SLA/SLO for having availability for every server, I will have to include them manually (hundreds of them).


So I will keep investigating if there`s some automation for this, and will also take a look at unified reporters, but if you have some tip on how to create an availability report with some bulk process (including several servers at once) I will appreciate it.


As an example, we are trying to generate a report of this style:



Server1 OK 99.89% 0:45

Server2 OK 99.98% 0:07

Server3 OK 100.00% 0:00