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Migrating Clarity from Windows to Linux - directory ownership

Question asked by TDBecker on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by TDBecker

Hi all,  I am working on my first server to be migrated from Windows/WebLogic to Linux/Tomcat.  I'm excited to see Clarity run as it was designed.  I'm fairly new to the Linux world, so this question might seem very basic to the group. 


I've completed the generic install of my environment and successfully changed the properties.xml file to point to a copy of my "windows" 13.3 database.  Everything seems to work fine, however, I'm wondering how I should have set up ownership on the directories.   I currently have them owned by root, but think there is a better way to build out the clarity directory.


What is the recommended, "best practice" way to build a clarity install on Linux?   I'm worried that I will have some downstream impact if I don't get this right. Directories_Linux.jpg