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Question asked by Rajeshjasper on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by nirbhay.kumar

Hi All,


Does someone have a guide or steps taken to create a basic report in Jaspersoft studio for Clarity data and then put the report on the server and then edit it back in studio.

Please note I am not looking for Jaspersoft detail, it more about jaspersoft in clarity and jaspersoft report creation and running process.

I believe on premise(saas) and on site clarity installations have a different way of creating reports.


1) So a simple report with say investment id and name from inv_investments.----Do we use bean connection with domains or SQL?

2) preview the report data in studio.

3) put in the required ppm parameters like ppmuser etc.

4) can i preview the report data after I put in the required parameters?

5) publish the report to jasper server and run the report

6) Open the same report from server to jaspersoft studio and then preview/ run the report --- What needs to be done to run the report?

7) Steps to Run OOTB reports in jaspersoft studio.

8) The saas documentation contains steps to create a report, but there are no steps in detail on how to edit the report and preview it.


Many Thanks