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Publish RESTful service from WSDL

Question asked by Nicolas Afonso Employee on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by Nicolas Afonso

Hi dear community,


Today my question is about a basebut main API-fication scenario. A lots of entreprise adopted SOA in the past and use SOAP web services for exposing data.


But we all know today that digital transformation must lead them to migrate to RESTful services ... So my question is simple : is CA API Gateway offers accelerators for transforming SOAP legacy exposition to Rest trough the Gateway ? Let's say I just have my WSDL file, I did not found an option like 'Publish Rest service from WSDL'. From my knowledge of the solution, I have to build my Rest service manually, adding route assertion, etc... Maybe I missed something !


I'm looking forward to read your answers and good practices !


Thank you