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Timeslice configuration changed , new conf is not considering . old conf values still exists in prj_blb_slices

Question asked by Ravinder_B on Sep 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Ravinder_B

edited the timeslices , changed start time ( one month later) and periods and expiration date .


after timeslicing job has ran i am seeing the data for previous configuration only .

verified twice slice setting was saved after changed .


do we need to change something else to see the effect of timeslice modified ?


i have modified the curve for daily timeentry request_id = 55555 .


this i have not faced previously , settings were taken into effect immediately . do we need to restart anything ?


old : start date : 5/1/2015

        periods   : 190

        expiration date : 10/7/2015


new : start date : 6/1/2015

        periods : 125

        expiration date : 10/1/2015


after seeting up new  , still prj_blb_slices showing entries for old configuration . timeslicing job was ran many times after the conf change .