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Reducing number of SDM tickets for Request fulfillment

Question asked by TomStarke Employee on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by sperna

Hi community,

ServiceDesk is the perfect environment for fulfilling Catalog requests.

When we look at complex or big requests, we might end up with loads of distinct ServiceDesk-tickets.

Here an example for requesting acces to four different systems:

GISA without ticket consolidation.PNG

As you can see, we end up with four distinct tickets, even though three of them have to be covered by the same resolver group and practically by the very same person. This person has to accept the ticket, perform the task and mark it as fulfilled - three times in a row.


Consolidating tickets to tasks within one ticket, based on certain rules (here: same resolver group) would reduce the number of tickets which have to be processed by a person:

GISA with ticket consolidation.PNG

Now access to System A, B and C can be provided within one ticket. The work overhead within ServiceDesk would be reduced dramatically.


You could ask why the service design is using distinct service options? Different types of access may come with different prices or charge-codes and it would be too complex reflecting such a service design within chargeback.


Now to my questions - finally:

Did you run into need for ticket consolidation, yet?

If yes, did you get it resolved and do you want to share your experience?

Do you see a non-technical approach for saving time and effort for fulfilling requests like that?


I'd really appreciate your opinion!


Thanks and kind regards,