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Customizing dtlDate macro

Question asked by phpcoder on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by phpcoder

We have a date field on the detail incident form that needs to be an accurate time stamp because certain SLA's are measured from it. We use a dtlDate macro which displays the field as a textbox along with a popup calendar for entering the date. If the popup calendar is used then everything is good because the time recorded in the field is the current time of day. However if the user types the date into the field, more often than not they only type the date and not the time. So the time defaults to midnight. Which can automatically put us outside the SLA limits for the particular type of ticket.


I am wondering if there is someway the macro can be configured so that users are unable to type directly into the textbox, forcing the user to us the popup calendar?


Another idea I had was to make the date field read only, and capture a time stamp based on the changing of the ticket to a certain status. I would assume that could be done, but I am not sure how to fully accomplish that.


Any advice?