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need suggestion for Archive And Purge rules

Question asked by La-Qa on Sep 22, 2015
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Hello Team,


I am planning to do archive and purge activity , i have data almost 3 years and just to keep 1 year data now.

i want to purge


2.session logs

3.audit log

4.event log


i just tested this first on my replica environment , i ran all four rules at a time after non business hours for about 6 hours.


after that when i logged in my sdm and checked inactive incidents, its just rolling the page. not  showing the tickets. however when i search for active tickets, its showing. why is that so?


before all this., firstly i ran only incident rule for 2 hours. after that i checked inactive incidents, it successfully purged 19606 incidents.THen i ran all four rules as mentioned above.


What could be the reason of it?

do i need to run first 2 rules then after run last 2 rules?

please suggest..