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Resource Supplier from CA PPM in MS Project

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Sep 23, 2015

We're looking at using Staff OBS on Team\Staff page to identify the department that a resource is expected to be supplied from, for roles allocated to projects.


Difficult part comes when its time to assign roles to tasks - in Clarity Gantt and MS Project, one can't see the Staff OBS value associated with a given role from the Team\Staff page.


We run projects with resources globally disbursed, where a given task may need to be worked on by Role A in the US and another task by Role A (2) from Germany.  When working in MS Project or Clarity Gantt, how can one determine which Staff OBS value is supplying which role?


Have considered creating a procedure that would copy the Staff OBS value to a new text attribute that could then be mapped to MS Project.  But as Staff OBS value is editable from Team\Staff page, would need to run the procedure on a trigger (verboten!) or by a scheduled job (less than ideal.....).


Any better ideas?