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Workpoint designer

Question asked by queju01 Employee on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Nino.Uziel


I see that there is a version of workpoint designer available on PIM under ENTMINSTALLDIR/CA/AccessControlServer/IAM Suite/Access Control/tools/Workpoint/bin


According to this article in the wiki a 3 stage approval process can be configured using the existing workpoint designer and a few changes in some properties files.


From what I can see, the workpoint is fully functional and I was wondering if all options are available on PIM or it just uses a small subset. For example, one can set a task duration (a feature many customers ask for) relative to either workflow start or task start and also let the server automate specific tasks. Does anybody know if those options will work on SAM requests?





Even Task Resources can be customized to use an existing Java class/method or even a script (SQL, JavaScript, Perl, Python, VBScript)





Anyone familiar with this?




Thank you



  Juan Quesada