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What needs installing for the CLI to work?

Question asked by RichieB on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by RichieB

I want to start automating deployments. We store our virtual services in Stash (front-end for git) and use Jenkins for automation (Stash will notify a Jenkins job upon commit to our master branch). I think I'd need to get the VSEManager CLI command installed on the Jenkins server - but does it have any requirements? Do I need the full LISA install to be done on the server, or can I copy only the VSEManager exe file and that will work? Do any environment variables need setting?


Is there a difference between the "deploy" and "redeploy" switches? I don't want to have to run commands to see if the virtual service is already published so that I know to run "--redeploy" instead of "--deploy", I'd rather just do "--deploy" and have it automatically replace if it already exists.


Also, if you have any helpful hints from when you integrated using the CLI for automated deployment, that would be appreciated.