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CA SDM 14.1 and SQL 2014

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Sep 24, 2015
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Hi all,


We have installed SDM 14.1 in AA mode alongwith SQL 2014. I have few queries pertaining to SQL Base lining and its impact on the SDM Servers.

Below are the points/options of SQL which the customer is asking to enable/install. Kindly help.


Ensure 'RemoteAccess' Option is Disabled

Ensure SQL Server is Configured to Use Non-Standard Ports

Ensure SQL Server Database Engine Instance is Hidden

Ensure 'sa' Login Account are Disabled

Ensure 'sa' Login Account is Renamed

Denied Execute privilege on 'xp_dirtree' to PUBLIC

Denied Execute privilege on 'xp_fixeddrives' to PUBLIC

Denied Execute privilege on 'xp_regread' to PUBLIC

Ensure Server Authentication is Set to Windows Authentication Mode

Segregation of userids between OS / DB  & DB Application user Id

Ensure 'guest user' are denied CONNECT Permissions

Enforce Password Expiration for SQL Logins with SysAdmin Role

Ensure Log File Rotation is Set To 12 or Greater

Limit the privilege level of SQL Server services

Data encryption is used to secure highly sensitive or mission critical RDBMS based applications and network traffic.

Unnecessary services are disabled at operating system Level