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Dynamic response with single request

Question asked by Kesava on Sep 24, 2015

Step1: My requirement is to search with different account numbers. Based on the account numbers the number of search records will differ. For example I am trying to search with 1234 account number, that account number contains 10 records (One request contains 10 responses). This scenario is recorded in LISA.


Step2: Now I try to search with other account number 3456, that account number contains only 2 records (One request contains 2 responses).


I deployed Step1 successfully and created the stub. While test execution user search with Step2 account number and response is not matched because step2 contain only 2 responses.

Is it possible to handle dynamically multiple account numbers with multiple response? I know we can pass multiple account numbers dynamically  with match script. The same way without capture multiple responses, can we handle dynamically


Kesava Prasad