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Negative numbers formatting in Clarity v13  Part II

Question asked by urmas on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by urmas

I am a little bit puzzled because in Clarity 13.2 I see mixed results in two OOTB portlets when i look at Capacity - Allocation field


This has negative numbers in red and brackets

Name    Role Capacity

System Provider               Roles with Resource Aggregation


This has not negative numbers in red  only in brackets

Name    Resource Workloads

System Provider               Resources with Aggregation


Both are using system dataproviders, It is the same type of field - calculated variance and even the same name.

Because the dataproviders are not objects I don*t have access to display mappings.


Has any one experienced this?

If that is possible I should like to have the negative numbers in rd in both cases?


This is how it looks in one system for Role capacity


No the users want the Resource workloads to be the same. How do I format the negative numbers to be the saem.


On another 13.3 the detail rows are formatted differently from the aggregate rows. Is there something I can do about the formatting?