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Finding parameters in CA APM

Question asked by Andreas_Jonsson on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by rob.mccoy

Hi All,


A client is using CA Process Automation 4.1 to handle processes regarding legal documents in Asset Portfolio Management. When a legal document is created a series of processes are started to ensure that information is provided from different sources. This is working great, but when the client want to cancel an ongoing registration of a legal document we get problems.


My question is; Can I find all tasks connected to a certain Legal Document. The parameter legaldoc_uuid is passed on to the PAM process, but I can't find the parameters for a task in the database or using the webservices. If I could find a way to search the database for the legaldoc_uuid given in the parameter and get the task_id back I could then use the appropriate webservice to abort the related tasks.

Could you advice me on how to obtain this information, please.


Thanks in advance!

Andreas Jonsson