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Roll out of SD.

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by Jon_Israel

Hi All,


At one of our customer place we have followed the Swing Box approach to upgrade from r12.1(production) to r14.1.(Pre-production)


We had installed 14.1 in AA mode and below are the servers in the pre-production environment.


1 BG Server

1 StandBY Server

6 Application Server

1 DMZ Server

1 DB Server


The above servers have customized htmpl, spel codes etc.


Additionally, we have a swing box system installed.


We'll going live in few weeks. Since r12.1 production system is currently running, we are planning to follow the Swing Box approach again with the

latest r12.1 production's mdb backup.

This approach would be followed on the SB System and then the mdb would be ported to the pre-productions's dB.


Below is the plan, kindly go through the same and let me know in case I have missed anything:


1. Take mdb back up of SD r12.1.

2. Attach this mdb to the Swing Box(SB) system.

3. Delete unwanted data(Call_req, act_log etc).

4. Install r12.1 SD/CMDB in the Swing Box system.

5. Follow the SB Approach as per the document.

6. Upgrade the SD from 12.1 to 14.1

7. Apply patches?.(Do we have to apply the cumulative patches and other patches in this SB system? since these patches are already installed in the pre-production system)

8. Backup of the Swing Box mdb dB.

9. Restore this mdb dB to the preproduction's DB server.

10. Run pdm_configure( Should it be run on all SDM Server or just the BG Server?)