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java - probedevelopment question - "destructors"

Question asked by MattGruber on Sep 28, 2015
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Well, normally I am a fanatic python programmer, and well nearly naturally a lua guy, but I think it is time to gave up for waiting till a python-api exists and lua is a dying breed as far as I follow the discussions and no native support for tnt2 is implemented in lua till now *waves to Carstein Seeberg, where ever you are*.

However, therefore I'll (have to) start with some supported language, after all that NMS/UIM years ;-), and before I start with perl, I would amputate my both thumbs, ergo java is my way (I am too lazy to use C++), but...I have some curious question.


For me it is good sense that if I open some new object, I close it after dont using it anymore, learned that in my C++ classes, but doesnt found some "destructors" in the documentation. E.g. if I open a PDS for sending some stuff to from my probe to another probe or the bus, I would expect to use a "pds.close()" at the end, or at least a session.close(), something like that, is that really not implemented or am I blind?

Does it rely on the java garbage collection to "dump unused stuff into to the  virtual rubbish bin", personally i think it is not a good style, but times might have changed and I am out of fashion ;-) and thinking too complicated.


Well, propably "destructor" is not exact the right term, but didnt found a better description.


Some hint or explanation would be nice, so I could sleep peacefull :-)