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Capturing Oracle Banking Platform (OBP) Transactions in CEM

Question asked by andy.erskine on Sep 28, 2015
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I'm tasked with trying to capture Transactions which collate to various Banking Processes - the first one we are trying to capture is generating a personal Loan, initially we want to capture at a high level - response times from page to page, later on we will want to look closer at various buttons/processes that make calls to other backends - eg credit check.


The OBP Platform is monitored in APM using Weblogic agents.

The OBP Platform consists of various steps :


Understanding CASA Origination Concept

Capture Application – Create Application

Capture Application – Product Details

Capture Application – Personal Details

Capture Application – Bundles

Capture Application – Structure Solution

Capture Application – Review & Submit


I have sat with a Member of the banking Team and captured a recording of them generating a Personal loan from the Origination landing page and recorded each page stopping the recording after transitioning from one page to the next so i am left with approx 10 recordings.


The trouble i am facing is finding a unique signature key/pair for each page transition.


Has anyone had any experience in this or similar environments and can offer some pointers ?




FYI : I've been through Hallets : and i have planned sitting through walk-throughs with the devs on key transactions including determining how to identify users/sessions, group users, key parameter-value pairs to identify etc