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Layer7 SSG 8.4 - How to  - Retrieve credentials from context variable Assertion

Question asked by nicolas.laigle on Sep 29, 2015
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I Have an incoming request (non SOAP) message which contains a base64 encoded SAML Response Assertion.

I have decoded the base64 and stored the SAMLResponse element into  a context variable.


I successfully verify the SAMLResponse signature using assertions :" (Non-SOAP) Verify XML Element" and "(Non-SOAP) Check Results from XML Verification".

Verify XML Element is using prefix m_saml_signature to store signature validation results.

Having put some audit logs, I can see the values of signature validation: m_saml_signature.signingCertificates and m_saml_signature.signingCertificates.1.serial


Then I try to use the validated signature certificate as credentials for authentication so I use assertion: "Retrieve credentials from context variable Assertion" with context variable input value : m_saml_signature.signingCertificates.1


It always failed with the following log message:

20150929 10:27:40.168    INFO  3017    Policy evaluation for service [21aa6ef85cec85d9be9799b9d87c0392] resulted in status 500 (Internal Server Error)


Here is the Policy abstract :


Anyone can help ?