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Can't get a connection over the bus/hub

Question asked by Nick.van.Leeuwen on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by jonhcw

I am trying to setup an connection to an hub over the bus.

The remote hub is connected through an proxy.


Problem is I can't even connect to my accessable hub.

I can however connect to the controller.

If I however want to connect to a different probe (for example cdm) or the Hub it will not work.


How my code looks like:

                    string sid = string.Empty;

                    using (NimbusSession s = new NimbusSession("", (int)NimbusPort.Controller))



                        sid = s.Login(username, wachtwoord, true);

                        PDS reply = s.SendMessage(new Request("port_list"));


This works fine.

If i change the portnumber to the port of the hub I get the error:

+$exception{"Failed to log in. Check user name and password."}System.Exception {Nimsoft.NimBUS.NimException}


The username and password are the same that are used for the controller.

It also loads for 30 seconds or so.. And if I fill in a different username and password (that are indeed incorrect) it fails within a second.


I am using version 2.30.5101.2576 of the API.


I would really appreciate some help.. I am stuck here all day now..