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Determine Server Queue Length using smpolicysrv -stats

Question asked by Richard.Leto on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Satyendra2019

Hi All,


Just wanted to make sure what value we should look for Server Queue Length, in output of smpolicysrv -stats.


[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:7500][INFO][sm-Server-02360] Server 'Stats' command received

[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:4638][INFO][sm-Server-01990] ===================================================================================

[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:4639][INFO][sm-Server-02000] System Statistics

[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:4656][INFO][sm-Server-02020] Thread pool limit: 8

[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:4677][INFO][sm-Server-02030] Thread pool: Msgs=26 Waits=22 Misses=62 Max HP Msg=0 Max NP Msg=3 Current Depth=0 Max Depth=3 Current High Depth=0 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=8 Max Threads=8 Busy Threads=0

[5752/5108][Wed Sep 30 2015 15:34:51][CServer.cpp:4685][INFO][sm-Server-02040] Connections: Current=25 Max=27 Limit=1000 Exceeded limit=0


This question is raised because the value showed in OneView Monitor for Server Queue Length is not available in the output, enclosing the snippet for oneView monitor, is there something we are missing? Any suggestions. We are running R12.52sp1cr02