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Increase query database operator-maximum limit in PAM?

Question asked by haroldo.ramos on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by haroldo.ramos

I use query database operator for a PAM process, which is used for fetching certain list of data from mdb of CA Service Catalog.


I observe that the query space around 254 characteres but my query have more characteres, this is my query:


"Select usm_request_item_form.form_elem_value

From usm_request

left join usm_subscription_detail ON = usm_subscription_detail.request_id and usm_subscription_detail.subscription_type=5

left join usm_request_item_form ON

where usm_request.request_id= '" + Process.var_request_id + '""


where Process.var_request_id contain the number of request id in service catalog



Thanks for your help!! i need increase the character or simplify my query.


If i save the query in a variable but the before of the = i put a number of request_id, this query run OK but not is dinamic, the result of the query i save in the variable var_descripcion