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URL Redirection in 14.2

Question asked by chris.parker on Oct 1, 2015
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in v12 and v13, the CA Services supplied javascript script "pretty display of urls" could be put in an HTML portlet on a specified portlet page, which allowed a user to be redirected to a desired page by clicking on an column entry in an NSQL portlet (by associating a link to the portlet page with the portlet's column).  We used this feature extensively for:

1. displaying the contents of an attachment

2. displaying a required page


In 14.2, this no longer works.  For example, clicking on a column entry in one portlet results in

(v13.2), "#action:url_redirection&go2url=/niku/nu#action:odf.gm_profile_cvProperties&odf_code=gm_profile_cv&odf_view=gm_profile_cv.p_personal_details&id=5010024"

(14.2), "javascript:navigateToTarget( 'mnp', 'page_5659002', 'url_redirection%26go2url%3D%2Fniku%2Fnu%23action%3Aodf.gm_profile_cvProperties%26odf_code%3Dgm_profile_cv%26odf_view%3Dgm_profile_cv.p_personal_details%26id%3D5010024' )"


In 14.2, the portlet page still gets called, and the javascript gets executed, but crashes.


Does anyone know how to enable URL redirection in