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CLW - is there a limit in the get historical data for past minutes ?

Question asked by Fred.K on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by Hiko_Davis


I was reading this How to improve the performance of APM?  and thought about how CLW can help to pull the data for Excel.

   $CLW "get historical data from agents matching \"Custom Metric Host.*\" and metrics matching \".*Number of Metrics\" for past $MIN minute with frequency of 60 secs"


So for 6 hours MIN=360 it works but if I change to 43200 (30 days) I get no data. The highest number I can set is 35791.

While I can switch to the format between date1 and date2, I was curious if this upper limit was obvious to anybody?


One mroe question, in v10 is there now a REST api to get this data? if yes would you have a short example?


Thank you/Fred