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Comparing metrics vs historical values in real time

Question asked by Daniel_Stratton on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Daniel_Stratton

I've been asked to try and setup a dashboard which contains a graph of a particular metric (say, Average Response Time for a particular backend) and the same metric, from 6 months prior.  This is so they can do a visual comparison between now and it's behaviour from 6 months ago, on an APM 9.1 install I believe, with no clue of an upgrade timeline.  I've seen mention within the documentation of a Baseliner which feeds into the alerts and such, but from what I can tell this only reaches back about 28 days.


My first task is going to be to try and convince them that they don't need to do this in real time on a dashboard, but could say, use CLW to extract the metrics of interest and generate a report from it.  But in the absence of that, I'm not sure how to approach this - I don't think that what they're looking to do can be instantly and/or easily achieved.


I have 2 initial thoughts on approaches on how to achieve this:


1) Construct a javascript calculator that attempts to extract the metrics from 6 months prior.

2) Create a script that runs every 15 seconds and feeds it into an EPAgent of sorts


For #1, I'm not convinced that a JS calculator can extract previous time data.


In both cases, I'm also generating new metric values, with all its storage requirements and so on, which is a bit painful.  And I also realise there's the potential problem with the fact that the SmartStor data that old will have been rolled up into a different resolution than a 15 second interval.


Is there another mechanism I could be using to attempt to drive this?  Or do I try my hardest to convince them a report is the best way?