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Java 2.9 SDK "TestMethod" of com.mycompany

Question asked by MattGruber on Oct 2, 2015
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I got a little bit mad the last days concerning the delivered java-examples of the java-sdk (not the Probe-SDK)

Stumbled over

"package com.mycompany" and "TestMethod()" of the


Well after some days I "unrar" the nimsoft.jar an found that there ist a com.mycompany-hive with "classes" for the examples.

Any chance to get the source-code of these classes, in my personal opinion the delivered examples are some sort of "fake" because I cant see the whole example like "TestMethod()" or "TestAlarm(), even the "MyExampleProbe" is there as own class.

I would expect that a JAR for the sdk only has stuff for the Communication in it not parts of examples


Is there any chance to get that source-code of the com.mycompany-Hive of the nimsoft.jar?


An a little infuriated

Matthias Gruber :-/