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Filter on dualList in service Catalog, but keep the right box values.

Question asked by pier-olivier.tremblay Champion on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by yanji03

Hey folks, using catalog 12.9,



I'm trying to create a form where the user will be able to order software installation. Every available software is in my CMDB with the price and other relevant informations.

they are classified as : Family : Software, Class : Database, Design, Productivity and so on.


I want to display a list of Software (CI), that you can filter with a dropdown containing every Class available in my Software Family.

Filtering a dualList is quit easy, the struggle is : When you run the query object with the new parameter, the previous choices of the user are cleared. (The right box of a dual list).


Does someone have an idea on how to do this? Or an alternative approach.


Thank you.