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Creating an alert to correlated events

Question asked by SandroAlves on Oct 3, 2015

Hello friends,


I enabled monitoring using one net_connect to identify the communication failure fall between two offices (MPLS Internet).


The ping of HUB-A for HUB-B and the opposite as well.


When the communication failure between the two, two critical alarms are generated for different profiles.


I wanted it to be a single alarm when these two alarms occur.


I know I can on the NAS to create a new alarm, based on alarms that are generated, but I am in doubt in the operational part of who will receive the alarms.


I started using the correlation script, but if the ping needs to run at different points and the NAS is in another location, different from the HUB A and B, is illogical to use it.


Unless I had a NAS in those two locations.


What better way to do this? How would you do it?


Create two large, based on these alerts, create a critic?


Thank you.


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Mensagem editada por: Sandro Alves