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IDM Pwd history - decrypting old SiteMinder data

Question asked by mfarah2 on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Nino.Uziel

Migrated from idm 12.5 sp12 (siteminder protected) to idm 12.6 sp5 (non-siteminder protected) -- Unable to get your pwd history:


Siteminder uses a different encryption process than IdM and IdM is unable to read the data encrypted with Siteminder that we migrated over. Is there a way to export the data, decrypt it into plain text and re-import it into IdM.  This would encrypt the Password History in the correct format and everything would be restored. because currently IDM is not storing password history b/c its unable to decrypt the old data. Removing the old data would work and idm can start saving pwd history but that's not an option. Currently users are able to use old pwds which is a security risk.