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Migrating Portal Managed Services

Question asked by acalbazana on Oct 6, 2015
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I'm stuck on an approach for migrating portal managed services across my environments.  Let me describe what I have:


  • I have several pre-prod environments (let's call them DEV and UAT).
  • I have the ability to declare a service as portal managed in DEV.
  • Using GMU, I migrateOut my portal managed service from DEV.
  • Using GMU, I migrateIn my portal managed service into UAT.
  • I can see my newly migrated service in the UAT portal, so I enable it.
  • I allow a client to register a new application against the newly published service.
  • Problems start here...

When the caller hits the newly migrated service, the API key enforcement breaks.  Although I am passing a valid key, it is not being honored by the gateway. 


My ultimate goal is to define a service in a lower environment and push it along the various environments as they are tested successfully.  I can physically move the service, but something is hung up when I try to involve API keys and plans.  I am not sure what it is though.


Any insight into how to achieve this would be very much appreciated.






8.4 Gateway

3.1 Portal