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Creating Metric Grouping Takes Too Much Time at Investigator

Question asked by karca03 on Oct 7, 2015
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When I try to create a new mertic grouping from the ınvestıgator ın the worksratıon (rıght-clıck menu), it takes about 2 and 3 minutes to create it at the module. I have observed that it also increases the CPU usage 10 times more for these 2 minutes time period (from about 1% to about 12%). Although we don't have too many metrics ın the group (about 30), and we have allocated 10GB heap to the EM (standalone). In the EM overview all metrıcs are fıne, no errors or warnıngs ın the EM-log and EM DB is seperated. While it tries to create new grouping introscope can not retrieve any data on live mode - all workstatıon wındows freeze. I am using EM version 10.  Do you have any idea about the cause?