Advance Reporting - Navigate right only does not allow to see/run JS reports

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Hello everyone,


This post is about the issue with Jaspersoft Report permissions, basically what happens is that Advance Reporting - Navigate only does not allow to the users to only see/run the reports. Here are the details:


CLRT-79026 JasperSoft Content Doesn't import Repository with correct permissions, Advance Reporting - Navigate right does not allow to see/run reports

1. Create an access group (ReportAccess) and give all the following permissions (except Advanced Reporting - Administer):
- Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create
- Advanced Reporting - Dashboard Create
- Advanced Reporting - Data Source Create
- Advanced Reporting - Domain Create
- Advanced Reporting - Navigate
- Advanced Reporting - Report Create

2. Then run the "Create and Update Jaspersoft Users"
3. Then login with that user and attempt to run a report via Advanced Reporting -> The end-user will not see any reports to click on.
4. Then go back into your Access Group (ReportAccess) and add "Advanced Reporting - Administer" -
5 . Re-run the "Create and Update Jaspersoft Users" job.
6. The end-user is able to see the report library and run reports.

Expected Result: With the CA Clairty PPM Right of "Advance Reporting - Navigate" - users will be able to see and run reports 
Actual Result: Until the user is granted "Advanced Reporting - Administer" - they cannot see any reports to run


Status (6th of April 2016): This issue was reviewed by Sustaining and Product Management and set to Working as designed.

The Advanced Reporting - Navigate right is designed only to give access to Advanced Reporting link, but not the OOTB reports. This is made to be consistent with the permissions in PPM. The Navigate rights are not view or edit rights. To get the view / edit access, Jaspersoft Administrator has to assign appropriate CSK role to the user.

Reference to the actual descriptions of the Roles :

Connect to page:

CA PPM Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index - CA Technologies

Scroll down until you see:

CA PPM 14.3 ------ Advanced Reporting Product Guide
Chapter 10: The 'Advanced Reporting Roles'

1. Connect to Advanced Reporting with a user with Advanced Reporting - Administer right
2. Go to Manage -  Users - select the user needed
3. In the right pane, click the Edit button
4. Now select CSK roles from the Roles available list into Roles Assigned. The roles selected will depend on how you would like to configure the permissions, based on the PDF document above.
5. When done, hit Save

Your user should now be able to access the reports you granted the permissions for.


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