on the off chance that anyone is using the PTF reporting process I uploaded ..

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on Oct 7, 2015

be advised that CA has changed the eyecatch in the MCS listing used to identify the problem associated with a fix

where before it was "star problem(s):" it is now "Related Problem:"


to fully associate problems with their corresponding PTFs - you must look for both


here is a revised source of the program to do so (written in CA-Culprit)


IN 121 F PS DD=INF                                  

REC PAGE-LIT           001  005                     

REC PTF-LIT            030  005                     

REC PTF                037  007                     

REC STAR-LIT           031  016                     

REC STAR-LIT-2         030  016                     

REC PRODUCT            031  004                     

REC PROBLEM            038  004                     

010 PTF-LIT-VALUE '++PTF'                           

010 STAR-LIT-VALUE  'Star Problem(s):'              

010 STAR-LIT-VALUE2 'Related Problem:'              

010 FLAG 0                                          

010 HOLD-PTF 'XXXXXXX'                              

01OUT 080 D PS DD=OFA                               

01SORT HOLD-PTF                                     

01510001 HOLD-PTF                                   

01510011 PRODUCT                                    

01510015 '/'                                        

01510016 PROBLEM                                    

017    IF PAGE-LIT EQ '1PAGE' DROP                  

017    IF FLAG NE 1 010                             

017    MOVE 0 TO FLAG                               

017    IF PRODUCT EQ '    ' DROP                    

017    TAKE                                         

017010 IF PTF-LIT NE PTF-LIT-VALUE 020              

017    MOVE PTF TO HOLD-PTF                         

017    DROP                                         

017020 IF (STAR-LIT NE STAR-LIT-VALUE) AND          

*          (STAR-LIT-2 NE STAR-LIT-VALUE2) DROP      

017    MOVE 1 TO FLAG                               

017    DROP     




it should be also noted that there was a misfire in the cutting of MCS entries at CA around the RO79*** issuance of fixes - some fixes have no related problem listed (I confirmed this in other CA products I support, but did not investigate specifically for IDMS) - and obviously<?> enhancements would not necessarily have problems associated with them