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erroneous query report

Question asked by Marco Antonio Velazquez Aldama on Oct 7, 2015

Hi everyone


I have been working with the integration of SDM and BOXI version 12.6, and we have tried to create a report that has different CI's related to the CMDB, including filters and tenant fields. but when the query for information extraction is executed, the query returns no values or the result is shown in white.


This is a view in SQL, and the one shown in the picture is the info you need to extract the enriquesido of BOXI client.



Inside we found Webi these routes, but still need information to complete our need:


Resources --> CMDB --> Configuration Item Extended --> Business Management Hierarchy

Resources --> CMDB --> Configuration Item Extended --> Relationship Type




This Information is very important to us so I will be thankful for your support.



Marco Velazquez.