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Convert Lookup -String to Lookup-Number?

Question asked by L.Elias Champion on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by L.Elias

Is there a way to convert a lookup that returns a string (lookup_code hidden key) to a number (lookup_enum hidden key)? We have a few attributes that use different lookups to calculate a score which right now is in a process. I'd like to convert it to a calculated attribute but becuase one of the lookups was created using lookup_code it is not available for use in a calculated attribute. The actual values for the lookup are numbers just like in the other ones but I can't figure out a way to update what they are seen as. I tried xogging the lookup out and changing

<staticLookup autoSuggestEnabled="true" autoSuggestMaxSuggestions="10" code="ORH_ALIGNCHOICE3" hiddenAttributeName="lookup_code" sortStyle="manual" source="" status="active" update="true">


<staticLookup autoSuggestEnabled="true" autoSuggestMaxSuggestions="10" code="ORH_ALIGNCHOICE3" hiddenAttributeName="lookup_enum" sortStyle="manual" source="" status="active" update="true">

and the values from

<lookupValue code="1" sortOrder="0" status="active">


<lookupValue code="1" enum="1" sortOrder="0" status="active">


The XOG is successful with no errors, but nothing gets changed.