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Industry standard threshold for  Websphere MQ – Monitoring through UIM

Question asked by CHANDRA KUMAR BS on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by simon.colgrave

Hi Friends,


I would like to know the Industry standard threshold for below Websphere MQ parameter which we can monitor through CA UIM.


Queue Not Authorized Event
Object Not Found Event
Unknown Alias Base Queue Event
Alias Base Q Type Error Event
Queue Type Error Event
Unexpected Error Event
Cluster Resolution Event
Queue In Use Event
Get Inhibited with Depth > 0
Put Inhibited with IPPROCS > 0

Service Interval Event
Queue Depth Event (AUTOTKT)
Message Too Big For Queue Event
Message Not Converted Event
Dead Letter Queue Depth
Queue Inhibited Event

Current Queue Depth
Message Age in Seconds
"QTime Short Avg (in micro seconds)
1sec=1000000 micro secs"
QTime Long Avg (in micro seconds)



Chandra Kumar BS